Hospice medical director certification provides many benefits to physicians just like you. In fact, nearly 650 physicians from across the country have achieved the certification in its first three exam cycles.

Obtaining the HMDC solidifies your established skills, knowledge and experiences while allowing you to gain new proficiencies though exam preparation.

A 2015 certificant shared this perspective: “When I meet a colleague for the first time and I see that he or she is a certified hospice medical director, I am reassured that this is a physician with the knowledge and commitment to be a skilled member of a hospice interdisciplinary team and a valuable contributor to the hospice community.”

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Hospices with a certified medical director can be confident in the administrative, regulatory, ethical, legal and clinical skills of their physicians providing hospice care.

By encouraging and supporting your physicians in their achievement of hospice medical director certification, you create a culture of professionalism and retention, minimize exposure to compliance issues, build a stronger interdisciplinary team and demonstrate to patients and families that you attract professionals committed to excellence.

One CEO recently said, “Having certified hospice physicians gives me a competitive edge… I want all of my hospice physicians to become certified because it will make them more valuable members of the Interdisciplinary Group.

Learn more about the value of HMDCB certification for employers.

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"Certification helps to ensure that hospice care is delivered by knowledgeable heads, as well as compassionate hearts."

President, Hospice & Palliative Physician Services, Spring Hill, FL