Hospice medical director certification distinguishes a physician as committed to clinical and administrative expertise in the care of hospice patients. Why should you earn the HMDC®?

  • Achieve professional recognition and credibility.
  • Improve your opportunities for career advancement.
  • Increase your professional marketability.
  • Enhance the team approach that is essential to successful hospice care.
  • Realize your potential for increased compensation.
  • Connect with a network of HMDCB-certified peers.

Earning the HMDCB certification is voluntary, which is why having an HMDC credential shows to your patients, families, colleagues, and employers your commitment to professional development.

Learn more about the value of HMDCB certification for physicians.

Hospice medical director certification will enable hospice organizations to be confident in the administrative, regulatory, ethical, legal, as well as clinical skills of their physicians who provide hospice care.

Why should you support your medical directors in achieving hospice medical director certification?

  • Create an environment of professionalism and a culture of retention.
  • Minimize exposure to compliance issues, including fraud and abuse charges.
  • Build a strong team committed to quality standards of care.
  • Differentiate your hospice from competitors.
  • Demonstrate to patients and families that you attract committed healthcare professionals.

Learn more about the value of HMDCB certification for employers

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"Certification helps to ensure that hospice care is delivered by knowledgeable heads, as well as compassionate hearts."

David McGrew, MD FAAHPM
Chief of Medical Services, HPH Hospice, Inc., Spring Hill, FL