Apply for the HMDCB Exam

1. Learn About the Exam

HMDCB's Candidate Handbook provides detailed information on the entire certification process, from the application process to Maintenance of Certification. We recommend that all candidates review the Handbook to become familiar with the process and the three eligibility pathways - practice, certification, or training.

2. Apply Online

The application cycle is currently closed. Create an account to receive updates on the opening of the 2018 cycle. Once you have completed your account profile (required), you will be asked to submit a variety of information regarding your experience in hospice care (eg, licensure and employment). 

3. Schedule Your Exam

Within 15 days of receiving your completed application and payment, HMDCB’s testing partner, PSI Candidate Services, will send an email and a postcard with instructions on how to schedule your exam. Use these instructions to schedule your computer-based exam at one of PSI's over 300 testing sites.

4. Prepare for Exam Day

Although HMDCB does not endorse or sell any preparation materials, we do provide a list of recommended resources for exam preparation, including a content blueprint, which details the five topical areas you can expect a typical exam to cover to help you focus your study.

"This will become the new standard for hospice medical directors - a way to differentiate you from the rank and file of medical directors…"

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