Continuing Certification Program (CCP) Due Dates and Fees

HMDCB offers a 6-year certification cycle, with an opportunity to apply for renewal in certificants’ 5th or 6th year of the certification renewal period. Candidates eligible for renewal may benefit from recertifying early to take advantage of the two (2) opportunities HMDCB provides to recertify before their expiration date. If candidates apply in their 5th year, they are able to reapply for recertification before their certificate expires if they are not successful during their first attempt. All components of HMDCB's Continuing Certification Program must be completed before submitting an application to take the recertification examination. 

A new six-year period will begin on your original recertification date after you successfully pass the examination in either the fifth or sixth year of your renewal cycle. The following schedule applies:Certification Expiration Dates

HMDCB's Continuing Certification Program Candidate Handbook provides detailed information on the entire continuing certification process, from eligibility requirements to the recertifying exam.


Continuing Certification Deadlines & Due Dates

The information below is applicable to 2014 and 2015certificants who are eligible to apply for renewal in 2020. 

May 2020 Renewal application cycle opens
August 20, 2020 Final deadline to apply for 2020 recertification examination
TBD Last date to withdraw from 2020 recertification examination without penalty of full cancellation fee
TBD Last date to submit special examination accommodations documentation
TBD Last date to schedule examination appointment with PSI
September 12 - October 22, 2020 Recertification examination testing window
TBD Expected release of recertification examination results



The recertification examination costs $850 and must accompany the application. The examination fee covers application review, administrative costs, and testing company fees.

Continuing Certification Program Requirements

HMDCB’s Continuing Certification Program requirements may be found on the CCP portion of the website.

Due to the timing of the Continuing Certification Program rollout, physicians certified in the first three years (2014 – 2016) have reduced requirements in practice hours and continuous learning credits for their first renewal cycle.